What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software can be used by companies to offer instant assistance to their website visitors and customers. Top live chat solutions offer text chat, video, help desk, voice, and CRM features. Chats can be categorized into two main types: pro-active chat in which the website visitor is greeted with a pop-up box they can use to chat with an agent, and broadcast where the visitor can initiate the chat. Companies should look for live chat software that integrates seamlessly with their existing e-commerce, help desk, and CRM systems. The platform should also offer useful features such as capability to share discussions, preference settings for chat windows and reminders, and archive and reporting tools. Top vendors of live chat software include LiveEngage, SnapEngage, LiveChat, and Olark. We currently rate Freshdesk as the leading live chat application in our database, but you can also check out other good quality apps to get a wider choice.

Most Popular Live Chat Software

Freshdesk reviews

Our Score 9.8

User Satisfaction 100%

Winner of the Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017 and an efficient and reliable help desk solution. It includes a great free trial plan. Read Reviews

LiveAgent reviews

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 99%

Winner of our 2016 Supreme Software Award. Complete customer and live support platform with chat for websites and all help desk features. Read Reviews

Zoho SalesIQ reviews
Zoho SalesIQ

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Advanced tool for tracking website visitors and providing live chat support to customers which helps companies evaluate business opportunities. Read Reviews

HipChat reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 90%

HipChat is a communications platform designed specifically for business team chatting. Read Reviews

Kayako reviews

Our Score 8.6

User Satisfaction 95%

Deliver customer service support in a simple, seamless, and scalable way, trusted by over 30,000 organizatons worldwide Read Reviews

Bornevia reviews

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Bornevia is web-based email, live chat, and social media customer service help desk software for growing teams. Read Reviews

HelpOnClick reviews

Our Score 8.4

User Satisfaction 100%

HelpOnClick offers a state-of-the-art live chat software that you can use to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Read Reviews

LiveChat reviews

Our Score 8.1

User Satisfaction 96%

Fast and intuitive, LiveChat does the heavy lifting which email and phone cannot handle. Read Reviews

Tagove reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Tagove is a live chat software that offers live video chat, text chat with screen sharing, voice call, and co-browsing features within your website. Read Reviews

How to Choose The Best Live Chat Software

There are scores of good quality online chat software applications in the market. This makes it difficult to distinguish the good ones from the average systems. This buyer’s guide aims to help you select the best Live Chat software for small business and large enterprises by giving you pointers on the list of aspects to look for.

Get to know each product with free trial

Sign up for the free trials and basic unpaid plans of leading vendors to test drive the key features of each system. You need not spend any money and you can identify problems with any system right away. Start by shortlisting and checking out the apps that have received the highest SmartScore and customer satisfaction rating in our Customer Support category to discover the best Live chat software for enterprises, medium, or small business: Freshdesk reviews, Tagove, CDMessanger, Zopim, Olark, Engage, and NABD.

Targeted Businesses

In the broadest sense, every company willing to provide online customer support can benefit from a live chat service. Still, there are three specific scenarios in which delivering exceptional customer service depends significantly on the presence of such software:

  • Small Businesses that want to instill trust. Live chat software follows the example of traditional brick-and mortar stores where there are sales people appointed to help customers find what they need. Personalizing the same experience behind the screen is especially difficult for small companies which can’t afford to appoint a large team for the purpose, and should consider a small team of knowledgeable professionals to make their brand trustworthy instead.
  • Medium Businesses that want to anticipate problems. Medium businesses are a specific category of growing and developing entities which can’t really accurately predict questions, inquiries, and problems reported by their customers. For the purpose, they need a live chat system that will simplify the process, track visitors real-time, and offer assistance even without being explained what the problem is.
  • Large companies that want to personalize customer experience. The biggest problem of large companies is the lack of transparency, and so-called second-hand customer relationships where users don’t really feel as if they were taken care of. That’s exactly why large companies can benefit from live chat systems: they can track visitors’ behavior, and invite them to chat whenever that seems necessary.

What are Examples of Live Chat Software?

Freshdesk: A cloud hosted live chat solution for exceptional customer service designed with multi-channel capabilities and integrated game mechanism to streamline support and to make answers more accurate.

CDMessenger: A popular digital messenger that helps users communicate in a fast, effective, and secure way. It includes alerts, sticky notes, and task management tools.

Zopim: An immediate solution for professional and timely support, carefully packed with advanced features and able to determine which are the customers that need assistance.

Olark: A well-known chat support platform with clean and intuitive design, that can also gather customer behavior information and report on it.

Giosg. An intelligent live chat platform that informs that reveals critical visitor details, and helps companies engage their prospects and improve the quality of their services.

Types of Live Chat Software

There are three basic types of live chat software, depending on the service companies tend to provide with them:

  • Informational Live Chat Systems. These systems are used simply to provide information and answer visitors’ questions at any moment, usually to help them make a decision or to provide some product-related data. Most of the time, chat personnel handles only incoming requirements, but it is not rare for these systems to enable behavior tracking and to allow agents to intervene without being asked to do so.
  • Sales Live Chat Systems. These systems were designed for online retailers to help them provide vital information to customers intending to make a purchase. Instead of technicians, there will be sales agents behind the desk with a full suite of information, and obviously a talent for converting prospects into buyers.
  • Customer Service Live Chat Systems. Customer service live chat systems are often confused with the informational ones, but the main difference is that they emphasize on helping customer which have problems, rather than questions, and are therefore operated by technicians and IT departments. Their feature suite is considerably more advanced than the one of informal services, and they often enable remote support.

Key Features of Live Chat Software

These are the basic features to expect from your next live chat system:

  • API (application programming interface). Due the fact that all companies have a different software infrastructure to blend the system with, they are rarely industry-specific. Rather than that, they offer a suite of open developer APIs that can be used to integrate the system with any third-party platform manually.
  • Co-browsing. Cobrowsing refers to screesharing, a feature that helps you observe visitors behavior, track their actions, and guide them to the action you want them to perform. As you can guess, this is an invaluable asset for intervening whenever you believe a bit of contact could help.
  • Email transcripts. Solid live chat systems transform all of your chats into comprehensive transcripts, and save them on the platform’s database for further usage. The best ones among them, however, are powerful enough to send the data directly to your email address.
  • File-sharing. The same as social network chat boxes, corporate live chat systems should offer a file-sharing option, ideally such that can support files of different sizes and formats.
  • Mobile support. This is one of the features that doesn’t even have to be mentioned, as it is simply imperative when doing business online. Instead of forcing customers to wait until their reach their computers to write to you, you should choose a solution that offers mobile app for them to be able to access support at any point of time.
  • Social media integration. The sooner you integrate your live chat system with the social media you’re using the better – social networks are exactly where people look for you at the first place, so you should make sure to include a connected chat option directly on the profile page, and import that information into your live chat system.
  • Surveys and feedback. One of the biggest benefits you could experience when communicating with customers directly is that you can perform surveys based on their feedback, and to evaluate performance based on the conclusion.
  • Ticketing. You may think that live chat systems don’t need to include a ticketing option, but for most of them that’s highly recommendable: to start with, you may not have an available agent to offer an answer right away, while the other scenario is for him to deal with a complex problem that has to be transmitted to technical support. What can also be a criterion here are customer preferences: some people simply don’t want to chat with an agent, and prefer to explain their problem in a ticket.

Benefits of Live Chat Software

These are the main benefits companies experience when using a solid live chat system:

  • Reduced Support Costs – Offering phone support is expensive as each agent can handle only one call at a time. However, live-chat agents can manage multiple conversations at the same time which means they can serve more number of customers in the same amount of time than phone support agents.
  • Increased Online Sales – Online retailers learn about visitor behavior on their website through metrics. They can use live chat software to direct visitors to less popular product pages, proactively reply to questions they may have, and use co-browsing to make suggestions about products visitors might wish to buy.
  • Improved Customer Service – Though many companies offer self-help tools like a knowledge base and FAQ pages, customers may not be able to use them effectively. These companies can provide live chat help along with the self-service resources to help customers make full use of them. This can boost customer satisfaction, and reduce the company’s expenses on phone support.
  • Generating more traffic – Companies in some industries use their website to advertise their products or services, and hope visitors will contact them. However, prospective customers may be hesitant to contact businesses such as law firms, insurance agencies, and car dealerships until they get answers to their questions. Such companies can use live chat to answer the common questions that may be keeping customers from contacting them.

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