What is Help Desk & Ticketing Software?

Help desk and ticketing software can be used by companies to provide information and support to their prospects and customers. This system offers multiple communication channels including phone, email, and social media. Your support agents can use this software to manage and respond to customer queries. Plus, you can create knowledge bases and self-help information websites that your customers can use to resolve issues on their own. Good quality software apps also provide insightful analytics features to help you gauge the efficiency of your customer support operations. Leading vendors of help desk and ticketing solutions include TeamSupport, Desk.com, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. You can read our in-depth reviews of these and other popular apps, and also check out the current category topper Freshdesk.

Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Top 13 Most Popular Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Freshdesk reviews

Our Score 9.8

User Satisfaction 100%

Freshdesk is the winner of our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017 and an efficient and reliable help desk solution. It includes a great free trial plan. Read Reviews

Freshservice reviews

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 97%

Freshservice is the winner of our Best Customer Service Software Award for 2016. It allows IT admins to effectively track and manage the assets owned by their organizations. Read Reviews

Wix Answers reviews
Wix Answers

Our Score 8.7

User Satisfaction 100%

Free, all-in-one help desk software solution that provides you with the tools you need for customer and business support. Read Reviews

SysAid reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 98%

SysAid is the winner of our Expert's Choice Award. It is a feature rich, easily configurable and highly scalable help desk solution targeted at large businesses. Read Reviews

xSellco Helpdesk reviews
xSellco Helpdesk

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 100%

A popular help desk system for ecommerce businesses from various scales, which they can use to manage contact and solve tickets via several online channels. Read Reviews

ManageEngine ServiceDesk reviews
ManageEngine ServiceDesk

Our Score 8.7

User Satisfaction 100%

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is an integrated help desk solution offering asset and project management built on the ITIL framework. Read Reviews

JitBit HelpDesk reviews
JitBit HelpDesk

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

JitBit HelpDesk is a web-based help desk app to delight your customers. It tracks support tickets and fully integrates with email and Active Directory. Read Reviews

Cayzu reviews

Our Score 8.2

User Satisfaction 100%

Cayzu is a cloud-based help desk platform with a smart ticket system and robust customer support tools. Read Reviews

Zendesk reviews

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 98%

Zendesk is a winner of our Supreme Software Award. It's one of the leading help desk solutions trusted by over 40,000 organization worldwide. Read Reviews

Samanage reviews

Our Score 9.6

User Satisfaction 98%

Samanage is the winner of our 2017 Supreme Software Award. It is a cloud-based IT service desk and asset management service that helps you to keep a tighter tab on things. Read Reviews

LiveAgent reviews

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 99%

LiveAgent is the winner of our 2017 Supreme Software Award. It is a complete customer and live support platform with chat for websites and all help desk features. Read Reviews

Helprace reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 90%

Helprace is a cloud-based customer service service developed for businesses that are searching for a way to build a connection with their customers. Read Reviews

Orchard Collaboration reviews
Orchard Collaboration

Our Score 7.3

User Satisfaction 97%

Orchard Collaboration is a free, open source project management, ticketing system, and collaboration framework created on top of Orchard CMS. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Helpdesk & Ticketing Software

Help desk & ticketing software programs are dime a dozen in the market with each one offering its own functionalities, features, and pricing methodology. To help you select a suitable online system for your business needs, we have prepared this buyer’s guide which will give you pointers on the list of features and aspects to look for in the best Help Desk & Ticketing software platforms for small business and enterprises.

Get to know each product with free trial

Sign up for the free trial plans or demo offered by leading help desk & ticketing software providers to test drive the key features of each system and do a comparison. You need not spend any money and you can identify problems with any system right away. Start by shortlisting and checking out the tools that have received the highest SmartScore rankings and customer satisfaction rating in our Customer Support category and choose the best Help Desk & Ticketing software for your company: Freshdesk reviews, Magentrix, Track-It!, Helprace, Tender Support, Nicereply, Logicalware MailManager, Orchard Collaboration, and NABD System.

Targeted Businesses

Helpdesks intend to provide end users with information and support, which is why it can be useful to every company dealing with customers. The best thing about these solutions is that most of them are unified, and can apply to businesses from all scales and fields, but there are also such which specialize in a particular sector (healthcare, construction, etc.).  Summing up, these are the main beneficiaries from helpdesk systems:

  • Small Businesses. Unlike before when supporting a ticket system was a dauntingly expensive experience, these programs are now more than available to all users. Small business and startups can use them to provide customers with solutions at a fraction of a price, without losing time to organize the work of their tech support departments.
  • Medium Businesses. Medium Businesses are in a state of constant growth and progress, soon to begin their struggle of handling a rising number of customers which no longer want to use traditional means of communication. A helpdesk can be invaluable for mid-size businesses and organizations because they can centralize all information in one place, and make their operations more transparent to gain customers’ trust.
  • Large Businesses. Finally, the long established leaders on the market can also benefit from helpdesk and ticketing software. There are many programs that were especially developed to assist large enterprises which deal with significantly more tickets than their smaller counterparts, and to help them foster collaboration and keep track of their operations.

What are Examples of Help Desk & Ticketing Software?

  • Freshdesk: A cloud-hosted helpdesk with exceptional customer service that offers a variety of channels, features, and game mechanics to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Magentrix: A popular collaboration product allowing agents to communicate, share resources, and help their customers accurately and on time.
  • Track-It!: Very functional helpdesk solution for small and mid-size businesses that can also manage a company’s assets, and discover trends and opportunities.
  • Helprace: Highly competitive and well-structured solution that allows companies not just to address the needs of their customers, but also to identify weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Tender Support: A great support application empowered with public forums for questions and feedback. It stores and categorizes customer requests, and can be used as an advanced database.

Types of Helpdesk & Ticketing Software

Our help desk & ticketing software reviews show that some applications serve internal customers, while others are meant for external customers. A few apps serve both categories.

  • Internal – This type of IT support software is meant for employees or internal customers. Typical internal help desks cater to the IT needs of employees, while some applications serve as an internal HR service desk for queries about employee benefits. Internal software for technical support needs to be integrated with ITSM tools if IT asset and network management functionalities are not included in the package. Popular internal helpdesk software vendors include Zendesk, ManageEngine, and Spiceworks.
  • External – This kind of help desk and ticketing software serves external customers who have bought products or services from the enterprise offering the support. These desks can be used to resolve general customer support issues as well as IT problems. Buyers of this type of software may need to integrate it with call center applications, and sales force automation, and marketing automation systems. Popular external helpdesk vendors include Freshdesk, TeamSupport, and Desk.com.

Key Features of Helpdesk & Ticketing Software

Our in-depth comparisons indicate that these are the main features to expect from helpdesk & ticketing software tools:

  • Knowledge Management System. A distinctive advantage for every helpdesk & ticketing system is its capacity to store information, and to use previously resolved issues to tackle new, similar ones. Agents have access to bug records all the time, and can assign requests to technicians who are most capable of solving them.
  • Self-Service Tools. Helpdesk & Ticketing systems are usually loaded with modular information features, such as forums, comments, blogs, wikis, and similar easy-to-find solutions that promote self-resolution.
  • IT Asset Management Systems/Network Management. Helpdesk systems come with a set of tools for managing IT assets, which allow you at the same time to use network matrices and to report on the assets. All server data is automatically discovered and collected, and even categorized in separate IT asset groups.
  • Reporting Tools. The set of reporting tools permits you to generate custom reports in seconds, and to use advanced metrics to track the time and quality of your agents’ performance. Complete itemized lists of IT assets are also available.
  • Mobile Support. In today’s world, you can’t settle for anything less than a mobile-friendly helpdesk, knowing that users will often send tickets using mobile devices, and your agents will be able to solve them on the go.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management. An advanced helpdesk & ticketing system is also supposed to manage SLA efficiently, meaning that it will provide the possibility for you to configure separate SLAs for each ticket/incident, or pick service level target on the basis of business hours, priority, or tickets with high impact.
  • Remote Control. The remote control suite will allow your agents to access remote IT assets such as servers and other stations, in order to troubleshoot and fix the problem directly on the device where it has occurred.

Benefits of Helpdesk & Ticketing Software

These are the benefits companies experience when using a solid helpdesk & ticketing system:

  • Reducing employee work lags from unresolved tech issues. The main task of each helpdesk & ticketing systems is to boost productivity, which is mostly visible through the capacity of agents to solve issues quickly and permanently, and not to lose time deciding who is going to do what. Once the issue is reported, the system assigns it to a free and competent agent which reduced waiting times, and once solved, the issue is stored in a historical database to be considered when a similar one appears.
  • Automating issue triage, prioritization, and escalation. Advanced helpdesk & ticketing systems use triage to manage companies’ workload, meaning that issues are prioritize before being solved, and the riskiest and most demanding ones are handled first. The mechanism enables companies to access every issue on time, and to solve both complex and simple problems with the same level of efficiency.
  • Reducing manpower expenses through self-service tools. Self-service support has been undoubtedly one of the biggest customer service discoveries ever to be made in the B2B field, since it enables companies to help users even without assigning agents for the purpose. What it means is that users have access to knowledge databases, Q & A sections and forums, and are supposed to go through them before asking for professional assistance.
  • Identifying and address recurring problems and issues. The progressive views on performance and success allows managers to address problems and weaknesses on time, and to tackle the accomplishments of each agent separately. Thanks to the possibility to track issues in real time, they can generate amazing reports which reveal trends and recurring issues that require solutions.
  • Providing transparency to service requests from creation to resolution. One of the things helpdesk & ticketing software can certainly do for you is to underline the trustworthiness of your business, and to make your support more reputable and reliable. Being there for your customers 24/7, and offering multiple channels of communication (remote support in particular) adds value and transparency to your resolution mechanism.
  • Better problem tracking and organization. Handling tickets in the concerned manner will increase the effectiveness of your work, since you will always keep track of what everybody is doing and will be able to organize work accordingly.
  • Reduced service costs. Due the fact that these systems locate the available and most prominent technicians to solve the problem, and allow them to use remote control to troubleshoot on the native device, you won’t have to pay for extra labor and do complex reorganizations in your sector. Plus, you can count on our self-service portals, where at least 50% of customers will find their answers before occupying an agent to answer them.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. As we already emphasized, a solid helpdesk & ticketing system will make your business (especially customer support) more reliable and trustworthy. Most of these systems make users feel as if they were really taken care of, and devoted some special attention even from large companies that handle thousands of tickets per day.
  • Improved knowledge sharing. One of the strongest sides oh helpdesk & ticketing systems is that they empower collaboration, meaning that they create an entire private socializing network for agents to cooperate and help each other.

List of Help Desk & Ticketing Software Companies


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Our site utilizes our unique SmartScore™ mode to test all the software in the Help Desk & Ticketing Software category to help you pick the best possible software. It takes into consideration the following elements: key features, collaboration possibilities, custom elements, integrations with other services, user friendliness, customer support, security, support for smartphones and tablets, general media ratings. As of now, Freshdesk is the leader in this category and our experts are really satisfied with it. Following extensive testing it had the best results among its competitors and we strongly suggest that you include it as one of the alternatives for your company.

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